Fire Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

Fire & Smoke Damage Services

    Fires are the worst possible disaster for any structure. Your home or business is damaged by the fire and water from the firefighting efforts. Restoration 1 is here to help!

    During this time we understand how important it is to salvage what we can and get your home rebuilt as quickly as possible. Restoration 1 will be there to help get your family through the process and get you back home. We take pride in treating our customers like family. We offer board up security services. We will help you navigate the insurance process and revive your home.

    If you are experiencing a fire disaster, give us a call immediately! We are available 24/7 for all your fire or smoke damage needs.

    What does basic fire damage restoration involve?

    • Removing damaged components.
      Any unsafe components that are not able to be restored are removed from the home. Trying to cover up these problems will worsen them in the long run.
    • Removing flooring.
      To prevent the collection of soot, dust, and other harmful elements, we remove any floor coverings that could promote an unhealthy or unsafe environment.
    • Fire & Smoke Damage Evaluating
      structural framing: We make sure the unseen parts of the house, such as framing and subfloor material, are up to safety standards.
    • Treating for odor and contamination
      If framing can be saved, we treat it with odor counteractants that ensure no microbial contamination is present.
    • Removing or restoring the HVAC system
      This is critical. Removing or restoring the system can ensure no harmful particles will spread throughout the air and cause future health problems.

    These are just the basics. Restoration 1’s goal is to restore your residential or commercial property to its pre-damaged state, meaning we will work until you are satisfied with the end product. We also thoroughly address the smoke damage present in a home or commercial property after a fire. By the time we’re finished, your property won’t just look good on the outside—it will be healthy on the inside as well!

    A home in need of our fire restoration services in Colorado Springs, CO