Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

Rapid Response to Any Size of Emergency

    Restoration 1 is committed to helping both residential and commercial clients with crime scene and trauma cleanup needs. Our restoration specialists are equipped and trained with the latest tools and techniques to get the job done right. we are compassionate and sensitive throughout the entire process. We know just how difficult the situation can be for anyone affected. Trust in our team to get the job done quickly. Restoration 1 has IICRC certifications for trauma and crime scene cleanup in addition to other biohazard services.

    Certified Trauma Experts

    With crime scene or trauma cleanup, there is a risk of spreading harmful diseases and contamination. Restoration 1 adheres to all local, state, and government regulations regarding the cleanup and handling of such a situation. Our experts are certified to clean such ordeals in any type of property.

    Biohazard Standards

    Biohazard is not your typical restoration or cleanup scene. It requires certified experts to tackle the damage. Often, local government restrictions and regulations prevent just anyone from cleaning the mess. Restoration 1 is certified. We are prepared to handle any type of biohazard cleanup and restoration you need.

    Request trauma, crime scene or biohazard cleanup and restoration with our experts here at Restoration 1, available 24/7.

    Cleanup Supplies

    At Restoration 1, we are equipped with top-of-the-line restoration equipment and safety gear. We have biohazard suits and devices guaranteed to clean the mess thoroughly without risking any form of contamination or harm to you or our team.